Stress Relieve

Stress is a common feature of modern life. The most successful and healthy people learn to manage it in positive and constructive ways, rather than avoiding it.

Massage is a highly effective tool in helping you cope with stress in your life. It relaxes and calms …

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Pain After an Exercise

Sports massage is being increasingly used as part of the health and fitness regime of many sports enthusiasts. The muscles are subject to wear and tear as well as a range of potential injuries through exercise and massage has both physiological and psychological b…

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Back Pain

Do you get back pain if you sit down for too long?

Do you often experience stiffness after gardening or a stabbing sensation after lifting something? If so, you are by no means alone. Back Pain is the most common complaint heard by doctors, along with the common …

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Millions of people are affected by tension headaches. The strain of always trying to cope with headache pain can significantly affect the quality of your home and work life.

Massage is highly effective in treating chronic headaches by relieving muscle tension, pr…

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Strain Injury

Repetitive Strain Injury is more commonly referred to as RSI. These injuries are often caused by spending long hours doing the same movement with your hands. People who work on computers regularly can suffer from RSIs, as can musicians, electricians, plumbers, che…

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Neck & Shoulder Pain

Many people will experience neck and shoulder pain while they are simply going about their everyday lives. It can be while they are working, driving or even sleeping. Some people will wake up with a headache or find that they are unable to turn to look over their …

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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be very distressing. It can reduce your energy levels and will have an effect on your emotions. Time can see pain becoming an entity of its own and even when the original problem has been resolved it can continue to make its effects known. Massage…

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Arthritis can affect people of all ages, and figures show that women are more prone to it than men are. While there is no cure for the disease, there are ways to ease the pain and distress that it can cause. Massage is one of the most popular relief measures used …

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Ailments & Other Conditions

Halotherapy is a natural and safe way to help alleviate various conditions and ailments. You will see some sort of improvement after one session. The salt particles will help treat respiratory, skin, and many other conditions. Multiple visits are recommended for c…

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