Back Pain

Back Pain

Do you get back pain if you sit down for too long?

Do you often experience stiffness after gardening or a stabbing sensation after lifting something? If so, you are by no means alone. Back Pain is the most common complaint heard by doctors, along with the common cold.

Help is at hand! Massage is proven as a safe and highly effective method of treating back pain and preventing further injury. By combining massage, appropriate medical advice and some simple home care, back pain can disappear completely and you can enjoy a healthier and pain free life.

Understanding Back Pain

More often than not, our modern lifestyle is to blame for our back pain. Long hours at the desk or driving take their toll, resulting in muscle imbalances.

The stress of everyday life can worsen tension and weaknesses in back muscles. This leaves you vulnerable to injury. For example a quick jerk or twist can result in residing pain.

Other factors that may increase the chances of back pain include: conditions such as fibrillation or arthritis, physically demanding work, pregnancy, accidents or falls, poor postural habits, and improper lifting.

The Benefits of Massage

Massage is highly effective in kneading away tension and reducing pain in muscles which are injured or in spasm. It also eases pain in surrounding areas which may contract in response to pain.

Massage also boosts circulation, helping to improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. This is turn reduces swelling and helps remove toxins that can cause irritation.

With this reduction in swelling and irritation, injured muscles and ligaments can restore to their normal function and you will heal quicker. Your flexibility will also improve through massage so you can enjoy an increased range of movement and be less susceptible to future injuries.

Understanding Alignment

Your joints may be pulled out of alignment through a sudden injury or from shortened muscles and fascia (the muscles’ protective covering). If this is ignored, you will have difficulty healing. Massage can correct this joint alignment by stretching and releasing shortened muscles and fascia.

Stress-related pain

Those who are dealing with stressful events may find that their pain levels increase. Massage allows the nervous system to calm and will help with deep breathing, which can also have a positive effect on tension and pain. Overall wellbeing will improve and you will experience an increased ability to deal with ongoing tense situations.

Other support for ongoing care

Your therapist will be able to recommend other steps that can be taken to improve your back pain. This could include the use of hot or cold compresses, adjusting a chair at work, changing a pillow or using exercise techniques such as yoga or Pilates.

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